Monday 30 November 2015

Brussels makes a stand for Climate Justice!

By Angela Ocampo

Brussels, November 30, 2015 – About 4000 people mobilized yesterday during the human chain for Climate Justice in Brussels. Despite the many attempts to halt the marches due to the given state of alarm after the Paris Attacks, many citizens took the streets and sidewalks of the city center – from the Palais de Justice to the Bourse – holding hands in solidarity for climate justice and peace. Change4Planet was present among the festive crowd!

In search of a new concept of development

Article by Ivo Lesbaupin, Abong, first published in Spanish here

We have to overcome the current model of predatory development, destroyer of the living conditions of humanity. To do this, we need to build a new concept of development that allows people to live well, in harmony with nature and in collaboration with other human beings.

The Philippines also marched for Climate Justice!

By Sammy Gamboa

November 29, 2015 - As in many cities around the world, citizens took the streets to make a stand for climate justice and global solidarity. In the Philippines around 15,000 people mobilized, coming from different sectors in Metro-Manila alone, including the Church, the urban poor, women, mining-affected communities, staging a very successful 'Climate Walk'. 

Resistance needs no permit: COP 21 opens with climate marches all over the world and the arrest of around 200 in Paris

Article by IBON

Article by IBON
The 21st Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) opened today in Paris, where the world’s leaders are expected to come to an agreement on actions to solve the climate crisis.

From La Paz (Bolivia) to Manila (Philippines) and to Fiji (Pacific Islands), hundreds of thousands of people have participated in various People’s Climate Marches all over the world in the last two days to step up the pressure on the world leaders to agree on a meaningful outcome for the Paris Climate Summit.

The human chain for climate

The CIDSE delegation today took part in the human chain for climate organised in Paris. Here are some of our thoughts and our pictures of the day are uploaded here

Unfortunately, we could not march today in the big avenues of Paris as I was waiting for since months. I was quite sad this morning when I woke up but, as always, people’s power has creativity and courage! Together with colleagues and friends, I took part at the big human chain and I feel encouraged now travelling back home! I feel empowered by colleagues shouting close to me “what do you want? Climate justice!”, by groups of French volunteers gathering in small groups before the mobilisation to exchange on how important it is being in Parisian streets today; I feel empowered by grandparents stating they are present because they feel the responsibility of the planet in danger they are leaving to their grand children; I feel empowered looking at the colourful banners plenty of slogans showing that solutions for a more sustainable world are possible and already existing! Now it’s time to continue keeping this voice strong and heard…because each of us can Change for the planet – Care for the people! - Chiara Martinelli, CIDSE

Saturday 28 November 2015

Delivery of climate petitions, signed by an impressive number of people!

Part of the CIDSE delegation is already in Paris! Today we attended teh event "Faith in climate justice", during which the petitions by faith groups, urging political leaders at the COP 21 to achieve a strong and fair deal, have been presented to political leaders. 

Friday 27 November 2015

A brief report of the pilgrimage in Italy

Some days ago, the pilgrimage “Una Terra, Una Famiglia Umana. In cammino verso Parigi” left Italy to continue the walking towards Paris.

The pilgrimage, covering by walking more than 800 kilometers, stopped off at 26 Italian cities: during this path the pilgrims brought their message to about 500 students from 10 schools, they met more than 15 representatives of various municipalities and received the support and the warm welcome of more than 70 civil society organizations, in their different forms at local, regional and national level.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Walking towards Paris

To get ready for Paris, we report the story of some of the people that have been getting ready for it for a while...a lot of time to think while walking! 

Pilgrimage for climate change in Austria 

by Rembert J. Schleicher

To walk means to be ready for change. Four People (Anja Appel, Ferdinand Kaineder, Rembert Schleicher and Silvia Wieser) walked the whole way from Vienna to Salzburg in 21 days.
Article by Rembert J. Schleicher (PILGRIM)
About 330 people joined us for some hours, a day or even several days to walk together for climate justice. We saw marvellous landscapes but also places where people destroyed the nature and where we could see the consequences of soil sealing for example. We took part at encouraging meetings, discussions about climate change and the consequences for our planet. Sometimes we felt fear and anger about the situation of our planet but at the same time also hope and power.

Did you already take your four steps for the planet?

If you still didn't do it, walk with us!
Why four steps? Each step you take represents one core message of this global campaign. They evoke both the transformative change we need for the planet and for the people, as well as what we expect from decision-makers in Paris.