A guide to understand COP

Confused about COP? This guide, put together by CAN, is collection of resources which can serve to shed some light on what goes on at COP.

Introduction to the UNFCCC
A quick guide to understanding the basics of climate change negotiations. For more detail and to go deeper into certain topics, please use the links provided in the text and below. You can find the PDF here. 

Putting COP21 in context
What is actually on the table in Paris? What do we know already and what are the possible things Paris could deliver? This presentation gives an overview of what will be negotiated. Find more information in the links below. You can find the PDF here. 

 A practical guide (to what goes on during a COP)
For those with less experience at COPs this presentation will help you understand the variety of things happening at the conference, whether it’s at the negotiation venue or outside. You can find the PDF here. 

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