Friday 11 December 2015

Climate March in Ostend mobilizes 14.000 people

By Karel Ceule, Broederlijk Delen

The climate march organized by Climate-Express on 6 December in the Belgian city of Ostend became an inspiring and peaceful event. Despite the fact that the venue and dates had to be altered several times due to terrorism alerts, 14.000 people organized themselves and managed to show up a week later! They urged for a strong climate agreement in Paris.

About 40 of our 100 supporters and colleagues who initially signed up for the march in Paris could join the Climate Justice group of the march in Ostend. All the development organizations gathered in this group. Our supporters carried flags, banners of our international campaign ‘Change for the Planet, care for the people’ and socialized during the march.

Joyful solidarity

Everybody experienced joyful solidarity and the same care for our planet and its people. There was a variety of people from many organizations and groups.

“I participate because we need a decent climate agreement that means justice for the people in the South. I walk with Broederlijk Delen as they are already helping people in the South adapt to climate change,” says Lien who is 30. Simone, 68 and belonging to an older generation, adds: “I am here today because I have to, for my children and especially for my grandchildren. For an environment we can live in. I hope that we can give a strong signal.”

Do not cross the red line

At the end of the march this signal was clearly given to the politicians. All the people lined up along the seashore. They formed one red line symbolizing the temperature of 2 degrees. This action was to remind world leaders gathering in Paris of the urgency to take measures that hold the warming up of the earth below the two degrees threshold.

Debbie, 25: “I am here as our politicians don’t do what they should do. And also to sympathize with the many climate refugees in our world today.”

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